Blacklava X The Yellow Peril Dildo

Hey BCBers! Blacklava — everyone’s favorite online “store for all things Asian American” — just got even better. Headed up by the tireless powerhouse Ryan Suda, Blacklava offers apparel, media, and accessories with political/cultural themes to showcase your AZN pride, son! Blacklava also sells products by Hyphen, Angry Asian Man, Korematsu Institute…and most recently, Chimco!

Blacklava’s newest addition is the Yellow Peril Dildo, which was created by ChimCo (also the folks behind this here blog) to take back a historically loaded term, shift perceptions of Asian American sexuality, and rock your progressive, Asian empowerment ass.

So celebrate Blacklava’s 20th Anniversary and APA Heritage Month with a Yellow Peril (in vibe and suction cup models)…and while you’re at it make sure to check out Blacklava’s full catalogue of goods (our favorites include the “I Will Not Love You Long Time” and “I Suck at Math” shirts).


Foxconn Tour

There’s nothing I love more than communist propaganda films that don’t seem like government or pseudo-government funded films. My favorite of course is the first No Reservations with Bourdain in Vietnam. The second? This new Foxconn video of how nice and safe it is in iPhone-land. Will this make me buy or not buy an iPhone? You tell me. I tend to have this debate often with my white coworkers who always get a little awkward with me when I tell them this company would be welcomed with open arms in Vietnam and if you’re worried about Foxconn, you should be worried about the hundreds of other countries out there that DON’T have a Foxconn.

Friday Fuckery: Hipster Racism & Lucky 8’s China House

Hipster Racism seems to be getting a lot of attention lately — from Lindy West’s excellent Jezebel article to Kyria Abraham’s exasperating, self-serving response, to this very recent example of Orientalist food truck foolery.

We here at BCB are well aware of this epidemic (we created a “Hipster Racism” category for the blog in 2009) and are pretty happy about the general increase in dialogue about it.

So for this Friday’s Fuckery, we present yet another culprit: Lucky 8’s China House (seriously), a new chic restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area, owned by Bracey Rogers and his wife Marcy Akiyama.

CBruhs met some friends at this joint a few weeks ago, and was swiftly irritated by its overpriced cooptation of ethnic food, lack of any (visible, maybe they were in the back washing dishes) Asian staff, and in particular, an ironically mustachioed server named “Tiger” who announced in rather dramatic fashion that he was about to make a bike delivery (for examples of why this is problematic, contrast this with the unglamorous, dangerous, and sometimes fatal reality of real Chinese delivery men).

Last night, BCB friend Louie Gong went to Lucky 8’s China House and was similarly not impressed by the stereotypical decor: kung fu movies, a gong, a giant to-go box, and drinks like “Phists of Phooey” (you just don’t fuck with a Bruce Lee movie). Basically what he describes as “a cartoon version of Asian culture…like they turned an Asian-themed slot machine into a restaurant.”

After Louie paid, Tiger apparently noticed his last name on the credit card. As Louie was walking out, he heard behind him: “Gong….Gong?? Hey, Gong!?” He turned around, and Tiger had gathered the cooks, picked up a mallet, and then for reals CLANGED THE EFFING GONG.

Incredulous, Gong the person asked to take a pic for posterity. And ridicule:

For Louie, this was a delightful reminder of how kids would mockingly chant “Goooong!” during basketball games. So thanks for that, Tiger — and thank you Lucky 8’s China House for serving up another shining example that there really is no difference between “Hipster racism” and just regular ol’ racism.

photos by Louie Gong

Korean Zombie UFC Fight & BCB Live Tweet!

photo via The Korean Zombie Warwagon facebook page

Tonight, fan favorite Chan Sung Jung — aka ‘The Korean Zombie’ — will be facing off against Dustin Poirier for the chance to challenge current featherweight champion José Aldo.

BCB will be live tweeting the event (#KoreanZombie) with observations on the skill, prowess, and pleasing homoeroticism of the fight. Since Cbruhs is only equipped to comment on the latter, she will be assisted by MMA aficionado Louie Gong with remarks that actually relate to the sport. Holla back at us @Bicoastalbitchn!

And although the plethora of versions (and legal battles) of the popular ‘Korean Zombie’ t-shirt could make your head spin, the Korean Zombie himself recommends you get one here.

First fights start at 8 pm EDT/5 pm PST on Fuel TV 3.

Thanks Ben and Louie!

BCB Twatter here

Don’t Miss the APA Vagina Monlogues


Hey ladies and gents! Do you have a vagina? Care about someone with a vagina? Then this is relevant to you. In a climate where women’s rights and agency over how to care for our own bodies is under attack by wealthy white men, we need a production like the Asian Pacific American Vagina Monologues.

Because it goes beyond traditional feminism — it’s about asserting and reaffirming our power as women of color, as sisters, as human beings. Which is why — as many times as you may have read or seen Eve Ensler’s classic — there still needs to be a space for us to make the production our own and give it new life with APA voices.

As stated by the women behind the APA Vagina Monologues:

This landmark theatrical performance profiles the intimate stories of women impacted by sexual assault, war, and pain, but also lifts celebratory perspectives on sexual self-discovery, empowerment, and love.

The APA Vagina Monologues is more than just a show. It’s about igniting change, raising the issues of Asian Pacific American women, and ending violence (of all forms) against women everywhere.

And it’s co-presented by V-Day San Francisco and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), the country’s only multi-issue women’s organization for Asian Pacific American women and girls. All proceeds benefit NAPAWF (they also have a fundraising campaign here).

So what more reason do you need? Get your tix for the Thursday May 17th show at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre here. And psssttt…we hear the coveted Yellow Peril Dildo will also be up for silent auction at the event!

Obama Officially Endorses Gay Marriage

Today, our POTUS Obama — in a historical statement — publicly endorsed same-sex marriage. MAWWIAGE!!! Or rather,


HUZZAH!! A significant and positive step in the journey towards equal rights. On the heels of this announcement, as with all momentous events, a Tumblr was created: ‘When Obama Endorsed Marriage Equality….we all partied. With .GIFs.’

Some fine selections include:

The Carleton Dance:

A touch of Dowager Countess sass:

…and of course, one of the most sickening queens OF ALL TIME, Latrice muthafrickin Royale!!

…ALL OF IT!! Especially you, Amendment 1 of North Carolina.

And Prez Obama…Shante, you stay.


Thanks Sherilyn!