Jeremy Lin Comedy: For AzN Eyes Only

There’s a thin line between racism and comedy. That line is more clearly defined when the folks doing the comedy are the same race as the folks being made fun of (with glaring exceptions, of course). That’s why Dave Chappelle left his $50 million dollar paycheck on the table. Cause White peepos were laughing a little TOO hard.

So BcB had some moral¬†dilemma with posting the following videos from Studio 64 Comedy. But it’s too damn funny not to. So for content that walks the line, we’re creating a new category called FUBU — as in “For Us By Us” (which is also a convenient excuse to make a reference to one of the most loved/hated clothing lines of the ’90s). Cause it’s about more than just laughing at accents.

I wish there was an app that only allowed Asian eyes to view the following [insert racist joke here] — but alas, there is not. So be forewarned. And if you’re White, don’t laugh too hard. And no bullshit griping about “double standards”. But feel free to laugh at the PC version.

The REAL real version:

The equally as funny “politically correct” version:



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