BcB Caption Contest

I always thought Caption Contests were lame, if only because I was never able to come up with a non-offensive witty caption that could get published. But when I ran across this picture (don’t ask me what I was trying to Google Image when this popped up), I knew we had to start this on BcB.

So here are the rules: There are no rules. Wait, actually, don’t put up anything offensive (that’s OUR job). And winner gets a Jeremy Lin Sports Illustrated. Saves you $4.99 and a trip to the dime store. LET THE CAPTIONS BEGIN! Wait, did I say no puns in the rules? I didn’t? I’ll expect pLINty of puns then…

Want to submit random pics that pop up in your own Googly searches for captioning by the BCB masses? Send to: bicoastalbitchin(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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