Ben Henderson New UFC Lightweight Champ


Even if you don’t particularly care for fighting or start squealing at the sight of blood, who doesn’t appreciate a couple of ripped tough guys flexin and wrasslin around and kicking at each other! Hence the beauty and widespread appeal of MMA. One of my favorite fighters to watch is Washington state’s own Benson “Smooth” Henderson, who is as fooyynne as he is talented in combat.

Challenging lightweight champion Frankie Edgar for the title on Saturday, the two battled it out for all five rounds, with Ben inflicting plenty of damage while his own mug stayed so fresh and so clean.

Photo by Al Bello UFC/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

After five rounds, Ben Henderson was declared the new UFC lightweight champion of the world by unanimous decision. Then he went to go hug his mom, Song — as I squeee’d and submitted my application for president of the Benson Henderson Fan Club, South King County Chapter.

photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

Congrats Ben! Check out some more info and highlights on Ben Henderson here.



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