Children with Swag aka The Cool Kids


I never really saw the point of dressing childrens in designer duds or name brands. Baby Gap and Rocawear Kids seemed like a waste of money to me. Kids don’t know any better, dress ’em in a burlap sack! More money for Costco and community college, and they will thank you for it.  At least wait until the pre-teen years, when they actually start caring (or getting teased) about what they wear.

Shoot, I wore my cousins’ hand-me-downs from Hong Kong till I was damn near into middle school. Sure, they were boy cousins, but I was the only chick rocking Transformers velcro shoes and brown cords and pilly chinglish dinosaur sweaters. BOSS. And if half a school year typically passed before teachers realized I was actually a girlchild, I think it only made me stronger and not sour or weird or anything like that ok. OK? AT. ALL.

Uh, anyway, the Tumblr site Children With Swag may just change my mind about all that. I guess I didn’t realize how screamingly magical everything — bowties and ’90s pop culture references especially — becomes on a tiny, squat body.



Plus the Asian kids are KILLIN’ it — throughout and thoroughly:



Including BCB buddy A Rex’s nephew Goni:


This makes me think the nerdy Asian kid stereotype will be extinct in about 10 years. Swag is the new nerd.

Thanks Erica and Alex!


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