ThrilLIN’: My First Knicks Game

It’s hard to believe that during the 5 years I lived in NY, I never saw the Knicks (not really, I’m the worst person to take to a sports performance. Er, sports show? Game, I mean sports game). But I finally had a big reason to go yesterday, and I’ll tell you what…all this hullaballoo about Jeremy Lin is called LINSANITY for a reason. And it wasn’t just Asians or my shameless butt going Linsane at Madison Square Garden last night.

Spot the CREED sign.

For real y’all, MSG was packed. The crowd was waving giant Jeremy heads, chanting “We Want Jeremy!”, rocking the 17 Jersey, and screaming “MVP!” in the streets. The knockoff Lin shirts being sold out of a duffel bag on 7th Ave were fought over like Tickle Me Elmos on Christmas Eve. A guy on the 6 train gushed that he had touched Jeremy…and I slooowlllly reached my fingertips out to his, E.T. style, as his girlfriend cut her eyes at me.

One of my favorite side effects of LINSANITY is the bumper crop of clever puns, written on countless homemade signs and displayed on the JumboTron. Some of my favorites:

“Every Day I’m HustleLin”

“Lin Yo Face”

“Lin be IlLin”

“Lin ‘Sync”


“To Linfinity and Beyond!”

“Lin-ternational Sensei-tion” (RACIST)

Although I was in section Pluto, row No Hopes of Ever Catching a Freebie From the T-shirt Cannon —  with the wizardry of an iPhone camera coupled with a pair of binoculars, I was able to capture the following JLin action shots:

YOU’RE WELCOME! I know it’s just basketball, but for me and many others, it feels like so much more. I can’t think of another time folks were so kray and ecstatic over an Asian American, and to see Lin’s face on display and hear his name shouted by thousands felt extraordinary (if overdue) on a visceral level. It felt like history was being made.

Thanks Vu for the last sign!


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