Hello Kitty X Hooters

Apparently it was inevitable that the Hello Kitty New World Order would eventually include questionably-themed chain restaurants…the predominant among them being motherluvin’ HOOTERS (in Japan).

And the first 1,000 customers who go to Hooters Tokyo and order uh, “The Volcano of Love” special Valentine’s parfait get Hello Kitty Hooters pins. Yippee!!

All this HK cross-branding is really starting to destroy my wholesome childhood memories of buying HK pencils and stickers and other useless, yet nonsexualized crap. I mean, HK doesn’t even have a mouth, let alone A PAIR OF JUGS fer Chrissakes…so WHY is she dressed in that loathsome, vile uniform of tan hose/white Reeboks/hazmat coochie cutters? You’re better than that, Hello Kitty!!

Who exactly is the audience for this marketing?

Confusing. And unnecessary. I would very much like to eat that parfait though.

Thanks Char Char!



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