When the Inclusive Occupy Oakland Movement Became the White Anarchist Movement

It was happening for a while and this weekend was when the transition was 100%. The Occupy Oakland Movement was dwarfed by a handful of anarchists this weekend. Most of whom, as you can see in this photo-collage I made from the weekend’s protests photos, are WHITE. This is probably the biggest gathering of white people I’ve seen in Oakland ever. Why isn’t the media calling this out? If it was a similarly ratio’d number of Asian or Black folks, you can be sure they’d call it the BLACKS OCCUPY OAKLAND RIOT or the ASIANS TAKE OVER OAKLAND RIOT. Where are these white people coming from? Are they born and raised in Oakland? Did they go to Oakland High or Tech? Were they born at Kaiser or Highland? I don’t know, I’m not from Oakland, so I can’t say. But what I can say is that Oakland’s demographics are 26% White, 17% Asian, 27% Black and 25% Latino. And these photos make it look like the Occupy protestors rioters are 95% White to me.


2 thoughts on “When the Inclusive Occupy Oakland Movement Became the White Anarchist Movement

  1. Today’s anarchists seem to have perfected the art and irony of fucking things up for everybody else. In Seattle, they’ve long been turning peaceful protests violent and co-opting issues originating from within the grassroots and communities of color. Starting with NO WTO in 1999 (and probably before that) and the recent John T. Williams (a deaf, homeless Native American carver fatally shot by a SPD officer) protests, and yes…Occupy Seattle. Most times it’s the original protesters struggling for justice who have to clean up the mess made by these wealthy suburban Eastsiders — whether it’s the aftermath of media and police relations or they physically tore the shit out of the neighborhood they descended upon. I bet these anarchists are even fucking up the original philosophy of Anarchism they so righteously claim. Fuck off and fuck you, anarchists. We can’t let them occupy the Occupy movement.


  2. Word. Idiotic anarchists have co-opted so much of the protesting now that it’s created an atmosphere where nothing productive can be done. The damage done in Oakland was disgraceful, especially the vandalism to the Frank Ogawa bust and the destruction of the children’s art exhibit in city hall.

    Sad, sad…


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