Pop-Up Retail in Oakland

You can listen all you want to the NY Times and their travel rankings (Oakland at #5), the Town is big and there can’t be a Michelin Star restaurant in every neighborhood. There are a lot of holes in Oakland and one of the biggest ones that residents and outsiders constantly mention is a lack of retail opportunities. Whether you’re Christmas shopping or trying to buy basic necessities, its a whole lot easier to hop in a car and drive to the Oakland/Emeryville border and shop at Target, which ain’t going to fill the Town’s coffers with that tax/money dollars. Which is why this PopUpHood idea is ingenious. The basic is giving business owners a 6-month amnesty on rent but the upside is filling up those empty storefronts with viable businesses. One of the first is Manifesto Bicycles, one of my favorite bike shops ever. Its main location is near MacArthur BART, but that’s way too far to go to regularly. Which is why the new location in Historic Downtown Oakland is B-O-M-B. Take a look at this video for more info on how they put this together.


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