Bookish Bitchin: 1Q84

Its gonna be hard as hell to write a review of a book like this without spoilers. So let me just say this book has gently nestled its way into my Murakami top 3, just under Wind Up Bird Chronicles and barely inching above Norwegian Wood. This means a lot cause I’m a fanatic over his ish and spend way too much money on multiple copies of his books… If you’re a veteran Murakami reader, you’ll love how long this book is. More time before the Murakami-withdrawal hits. You’ll also like hearing from a female protagonist for the first time. If this is your first Murakami book, I’d read one of his books with less magical realism first, After Dark or Kafka on the Shore then move up to 1Q84 about 3-4 books later. Also, you might wanna buy the digital version (although the US hardcopy if a sight to behold) cause this book be phat!


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