North Korean Labor Camps in Siberia

VICE, king of all things hipster, recently traveled into the wilds of Siberia to film and talk to North Koreans in labor camps.

Dissatisfied with a government-sponsored tour of North Korea aka The Hermit Kingdom aka “the most fucked up place on Earth” — where he wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone outside of the official tour — Shane Smith and a fellow journalist decided to take the trans-Siberian railroad into the Russian interior to find people in North Korean labor camps and “see how they live”. The trip is graced with local Russian mobsters, plenty of vodka, and — as to be expected — royally pissed off North Korean officials.

They find that most workers are sent to the camps as free labor for 10+ years to cut logs that will eventually be exported to England, and to earn revenue for resource-starved North Korea. They live in dilapidated campers and barracks and work throughout the brutal winter and summer seasons.  See what else transpires when a group of white dudes goes in search of shit they’re not supposed to see.

(watch the other installments here)

via Buzzfeed


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