Friday Fuckery: Shirtless Abercrombie in Singapore

I’m not a big fan of Abercrombie (its clothes OR its racist T-shirts and discriminatory practices towards employees of color), but what I AM a fan of is shirtless men. And since it’s been a long ass week and we could all use a little reward for our eyeballs, I’m reposting some pics from the shirtless army that accompanied the opening of the A&F flagship store in Singapore today. Aaa-oo-gahh!

photo by Desmond Lim

My only gripe is: just five of the 40 models were local! Could use more Singaporean. And less open-toed sandals.

Whoops! Abercrotch.

photo by Desmond Lim

Double whoops.

photo by Desmond Lim

Check out more photos of manly chesticles here.

Thanks Char Char!


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