Tiger Mom & Tila Tequila Named Least Influential of 2011

It’s that time of year that everyone and they cuzin is creating a “Best of 2011” list, BCB included (stay tuned!).

GQ is taking a different approach, with its list of the “25 Least Influential People Alive“…individuals who “took up more than their fair share of oxygen and offered zero value in return, whose deeds did nothing to change lives of billions worldwide…who spent 2011 devouring attention and contributing nothing to productive society”. OUCH!

This illustrious list includes pundits (Ed Schultz), politicians (Tim Pawlenty), actors (January Jones), and yes, famewhores.

Whaaheyy! Looky who made the list! While I usually take Menses Mags (typo and it stays) with a heap of salt, GQ did have some exquisite zingers for a couple individuals who we’d rather not um, claim. “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua made the list- – which while not a huge surprise — made me cackle and clap my spiteful little mitts with glee.

Martin Schoeller for TIME

There’s been way more words and publicity given to Chua than she deserves, so I will just say that GQ writer Drew Magary nailed it:

“Chua, who wrote an entire book about being the world’s strictest mother and did nothing to counter the shallow stereotype that Chinese parents are as emotionally accessible as a pair of boulders, existed this year specifically so that parents could read her book and say, “Fuck that lady. And fuck China.”

The second honoree is Tila Tequila, or more specifically, her Twitter Feed @OfficialMsTila

Dave Allocca/StarTraksPhoto.com

Quoth GQ: “We could include the emoticon bukkake that is Tila Tequila’s Twitter feed every single year. Bret Easton Ellis could write 900 pages about it. No one else combines the qualities of being talentless and a has-been quite like this woman. No one else is so clearly living in a paranoid fantasy dreamscape where tweets like this mean something: “Did u miss me too?? Hehe #TilaArmyWorldWide #TilaArmySoldiers #TilaArmy4Life! I love u! No one can keep me away from u! Never! Xoxo.”

Well, you’ll hear no arguments from me.  Anyone else we should add to this list?

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