Cung Le UFC Fight this Saturday

This Saturday, rising MMA star, actor, and San Jose native Cung Le will be playing his first UFC game, against Wanderlei Silva. I’m told this is a big deal. Like many other casual followers of the sport, I mostly enjoy the the finer aspects of MMA, like giggling and clutching my pearls when the fighters roll around and grapple with each other in a hot, sweaty, muscley mess. It’s so…sensual. Yes? Am I right? Guys? Yes?

Le is a former Sanshou champion (Chinese hand-to-hand combat), and is so badass he once broke a dude’s ARM with a kick. Plus, THAT HAIR. Swoon. So add some hot stuff to your weekend and feel your Asian, uh, pride swell when Cung kicks his opponent in the head.

Thanks Lou!


One thought on “Cung Le UFC Fight this Saturday

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