Not 21 Jump Street

First of all, let me put it out there. Skinny Jonah Hill is not as funny as fat Jonah Hill. Are you listening to this Seth Rogan? Didn’t you guys watch Funny People? Oh wait, you were both IN Funny People. 40% of why you’re funny is because you’re fat. Its like watching a fat and jovial Michael Cera. You each play a role. KNOW YOUR ROLL!

Second of all. This. Shit. Right. Here. IS NOT 21 Jump Street.

Channing Tatum is not even good enough to be a poor man’s Johnny Depp and Jonah Hill is a rich man’s Peter DeLuise. The math just doesn’t add up. How is this in anyway 21 Jump Street? The worst part??? Where the F**K is BcB favoriteĀ Dustin Nguyen and Holly Robinson??? I didn’t watch 21 Jump Street for the white folks, I watched it for the kick ass Vietnamese guy and the hot black cop! Come on! You know what this movie is? Its an F’N white remake of the 2005 classic by Mr. Mariah Carey Nick Cannon:


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