Bicycle Bell Works on Slow Pedestrians!

Walking in New York, one experiences a lot of pedestrian “road rage” — the emotional intensity of which tempts you to punch slow-moving tourists and other such mosey-ish walkers in the back of the head.

Obviously, getting stuck behind 3 teenagers shambling side by side or planting your face in the ass of a blinking rubbernecker coming to a dead stop at the VERY TOP of the subway stairs will always happen when you’re late to work, a hot date, or happy hour. ALWAYS. Instead of resorting to murderous thoughts or spitting out some snide, passive-aggressive remark like “That’s a PERFECT place to stand” (guilty!), it would be so much more civilized to have a polite yet effective mechanism to express your inner Ludacris.

Well, you know the Japanese think of everything, so of course this guy would come up with THIS!:

Genius! I’m loving the POV camera angle too. Now, how to deal with the 80% of the American population that is oblivious to the sound of an approaching bicycle bell…

via Buzzfeed


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