Friday Fuckery: Forever 21’s Oriental/Native Girl Joorees

Clothing giant Forever 21, owned by the Chang family (who BTW are devout Christians…check the John 3:16 printed on the bottom of each bag), is no stranger to controversy. They’ve been boycotted by factory workers for poor working conditions and back payroll, featured in the sweatshop documentary Made in L.A., and even sued by Gwen Stefani for ripping off her Harajuku Lovers designs (O, the irony!).

More recently, they’ve been called out for selling apparel that is sexist or plays on racial stereotypes and motifs, such as “Navajo” panties and bags (following suit with Urban Outfitters). Apparently, Forever has no intention of curbing this sort of merch, as Fashionista‘s Dhani Mau  spotted Native American girl and “Oriental Girl” necklaces just this week. One woman has started a petition to remove the necklace — which is for serious called “Oriental Girl”– here).

images via Fashionista

A quick browse of the Forever 21 site turns up other similarly questionable items:

This makes me sad. Aside from the obvious reasons, Forever is like, one out of three places I ever shop. Get your shit together Forever, so I can buy my cheap poly-blend threads guilt-free!

Thanks Char Char!


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