Happy Holidays from Rappers Doing Normal Shit!

Happy Holidays! Had to drop this gem from Rappers Doing Normal Shit on Tumblr. Be warned, this site is addicting. Who wouldn’t want to see rappers doing normal shit? Seeing Ja-Rule pick up his kids in kindergarten at a Westchester school on MTV was SAD. But seeing Eminem fall asleep on Proof’s shoulder on an airplane? Classic.


New Video From Notorious MSG! Warning: Contains Buttcrack

BCB favorites The Notorious MSG recently released another video, this time with an imperative message regarding your safety: The Dangers of MSG: First Aid for Rectal Prolapse.

As you may well know, listening to the ass-blasting tunes of MSG can wreak havoc on one’s lower intestinal tract. Being the considerate, honorable gentlemen they are, Hong Kong Fever, Down Lo Mein & Hunan Bomb graciously created this video to help you or a loved one minimize the damage:

Please note the Yellow Peril Dildo cameo in the lower left hand corner at 0:43 and 1:12. HOLLA! (Repeated use of the Yellow Peril can also contribute to lifelong rectal health and prevent such unfortunate accidents).

Thanks MSG!

Cung Le UFC Fight this Saturday

This Saturday, rising MMA star, actor, and San Jose native Cung Le will be playing his first UFC game, against Wanderlei Silva. I’m told this is a big deal. Like many other casual followers of the sport, I mostly enjoy the the finer aspects of MMA, like giggling and clutching my pearls when the fighters roll around and grapple with each other in a hot, sweaty, muscley mess. It’s so…sensual. Yes? Am I right? Guys? Yes?

Le is a former Sanshou champion (Chinese hand-to-hand combat), and is so badass he once broke a dude’s ARM with a kick. Plus, THAT HAIR. Swoon. So add some hot stuff to your weekend and feel your Asian, uh, pride swell when Cung kicks his opponent in the head.

Thanks Lou!

Not 21 Jump Street

First of all, let me put it out there. Skinny Jonah Hill is not as funny as fat Jonah Hill. Are you listening to this Seth Rogan? Didn’t you guys watch Funny People? Oh wait, you were both IN Funny People. 40% of why you’re funny is because you’re fat. Its like watching a fat and jovial Michael Cera. You each play a role. KNOW YOUR ROLL!

Second of all. This. Shit. Right. Here. IS NOT 21 Jump Street.

Channing Tatum is not even good enough to be a poor man’s Johnny Depp and Jonah Hill is a rich man’s Peter DeLuise. The math just doesn’t add up. How is this in anyway 21 Jump Street? The worst part??? Where the F**K is BcB favorite Dustin Nguyen and Holly Robinson??? I didn’t watch 21 Jump Street for the white folks, I watched it for the kick ass Vietnamese guy and the hot black cop! Come on! You know what this movie is? Its an F’N white remake of the 2005 classic by Mr. Mariah Carey Nick Cannon:

This Veterans Day: Maya Lin & Her Strong Clear Vision

This Veterans Day, many of us will be taking time to thank our family and friends who’ve served in the military, as well as reflecting on the purpose and costs of war. Personally, I dislike the whole mess of war and imperialism and the toll it takes on our soldiers, their families, and of course civilians all over the world. But I also value the lives of troops who are on the front lines of our country’s political and foreign agenda, whether I agree with it or not.  I’m also privileged in that I’ve never been drafted, have had the opportunity to choose a non-military career, and have never lived through the horrors of battle then tried to re-integrate back into the community with limited support from government or society.

Some statements on war transcend politics and focus on the sanctity of human life, and lives lost — like that by the artist Maya Lin, who designed the iconic Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC.

At age 21, Lin won a blind design competition for the memorial, and was catapulted into national spotlight and controversy. She was attacked and harassed partly for her unconventional design, but mostly for her Asian ethnicity, leading her to defend her design before the US Congress.

Lin persevered, and in October 1982 completed a black cut-stone masonry wall with the names of 58,261 fallen soldiers carved into its face.

Lin’s commitment to the memorial is documented in the Academy Award-winning film Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision (available on Netflix!). Maya has also designed other significant structures, like the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama — which records the history and names of individuals who died in struggle for equality — from MLK Jr. to the recently departed Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.

Whatever our views on current and past US wars, we all have a need commemorate the human impact of combat and honor our loved ones. Plenty will say that Maya Lin did it justice.

Bicycle Bell Works on Slow Pedestrians!

Walking in New York, one experiences a lot of pedestrian “road rage” — the emotional intensity of which tempts you to punch slow-moving tourists and other such mosey-ish walkers in the back of the head.

Obviously, getting stuck behind 3 teenagers shambling side by side or planting your face in the ass of a blinking rubbernecker coming to a dead stop at the VERY TOP of the subway stairs will always happen when you’re late to work, a hot date, or happy hour. ALWAYS. Instead of resorting to murderous thoughts or spitting out some snide, passive-aggressive remark like “That’s a PERFECT place to stand” (guilty!), it would be so much more civilized to have a polite yet effective mechanism to express your inner Ludacris.

Well, you know the Japanese think of everything, so of course this guy would come up with THIS!:

Genius! I’m loving the POV camera angle too. Now, how to deal with the 80% of the American population that is oblivious to the sound of an approaching bicycle bell…

via Buzzfeed