Jane Lui Covers DuckTales

If you’re a child of the ’80s/’90s, you might have spent every day after school parked in front of the TV with a bowl of Top Ramen/microwaveable mini burgers, inhaling as much Disney Afternoon through your eyeballs as possible before your parents got home and made you do shit.

DuckTales was just one of the animated offerings on the delectable Disney Afternoon line-up, but definitely the one with the catchiest theme song and most jammin’ bassline in all of TVLand.

Teaching kids to be money-grubbing capitalists via adorable, pants-less ducks!

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jane Lui (whose latest record Goodnight Company was nominated for Best Local Recording in this year’s San Diego Music Awards) has done an equally fun cover that’ll guarantee you’ll be screaming “whooo-ooh!” for days and losing/gaining a few friends in the process.


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