Friday Fuckery: Southeast Asian Cuisine by Chipotle

photo by Jamie R. Liu/DCist

Chipotle, the national burrito chain seen across the street from every frickin’ college campus, is expanding its model into Southeast Asian food. Its new venture (with the first location in DC) is called ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen. And like its father company, ShopHouse will feature quick, viewable, assembly-line preparation.

Jamie R. Liu/DCist

From a DCist review:

Diners can choose between two entree styles: bowls ($6.59-7.50) and banh mi ($6.14-7.05). The protein selections include grilled chicken satay, pork and chicken meatballs, grilled steak or organic tofu. For those who select bowls, this is nestled atop your choice of jasmine rice, brown rice or rice noodles. This is then accompanied by a vegetable, sauce, garnish and topping. The banh mi in its baguette is topped with green papaya slaw, mint and crushed peanuts. You can then drink up on BeerLao, Singha, Chang, and Dogfish Head 60 Minute or the usual selection of granola-y ginger ales, iced tea or young coconut water.

Jamie R. Liu/DCist

Looks like another establishment is trying to hop on the banh mi bandwagon ($7 bucks?! Seriously? Even the banh mi at Michael Bao Huynh’s fancy-schmanse NY-based Baoguette are $5 to $8).

And maybe I’m being a total snob, but I never got into Chipotle and its cafeteria-like, causal-cum-healthy dining approach. I know it uses “naturally-raised meats” and shit, but I’d rather just go to a local taco truck or family Mexican joint (or shit, even Taco Bell if my system demands fast food). Likewise, I think I’d rather support a better, cheaper (and Asian-owned) Viet deli or restaurant than a company that reminds me of Subway.

via Gothamist and DCist


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