Friday Fuckery: Fox Sports Mocks Asian USC Students

The following is CBruh’s take on the whole FOX Sports fuckery, which is being posted as scheduled, despite some internal miscommunication that led to two posts about the same thing. But actually quite different –because unlike AZN’s post (and much like the FUEL TV segment), this one has absolutely nothing to do with sports.

Earlier this week, FUEL TV — a program of FOX Sports — aired a show called The College Experiment. “Comedian” Bob Oshack posed as an investigative reporter and stopped USC students (all of them Asian), asking them to give an “All-American” welcome to Colorado and Utah for PAC-12 basketballsportssomethingorother. Very cute, Bob.

Hey Bob, FOX Sports & FUEL TV…FUCK YOU. Can you understand that? See, loud and clear in any accent.

FOX Sports did apologize, and fortunately cancelled the piece of shit show. But the fact that the segment even got approved in the first place, means that someone (or many people) at FOX Sports/FUEL TV thought a cheap laugh at the expense of non-native speakers and the tired old Asian ≠ American paradigm qualified as comedy. But maybe I need to lighten up and view it as not so much as “offensive”, but more as being “funny”. So I hope ‘ol Bobby Oshack doesn’t find it offensive if I express my sentiments with another — FUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOO.

Check out Nikkei View’s excellent post here.

Thanks Gil and Charlie!


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