Lego International Debt Crisis

If you’re like me, you imagine the world in Legos. When the Lego architectural series came out, I can’t say it was LIKE peeing in my pants because I literally peed in my pants. So when I was trying to figure out all the international debit crisis stuff, especially in Iceland cause I’m heading there next month, I had to rely on all the national/state/local stuff I read for work. But for Europe, I depended on Michael Lewis’s articles on IcelandIreland, and Greece.

Thank you Michael Lewis, but a picture is a thousand words. And your 17 page article on Iceland was better summed up with this:

As for the rest of Europe? Look no further than Michael Cembalest, JP Morgan Chief Investment Officer. Based on his son’s Lego play, he created the most detailed map of the debt crisis in Europe with Legos AND he was able to use Star Wars Legos too. G-E-N-I-U-S. Peep the link for the explanation of each node.


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