Friday Fuckery: Ghosts with Shit Jobs

I recently saw this video “Ghosts with Shit Jobs” made by a group called No Media Kings  — and although this “peek into the future” is an interesting concept, the more I think about it, the more underhandedly racist it seems.

Yes, maybe the bankruptcy and economic submission of the US is a real possibility in the near future, and we will no longer occupy the role of world superpower that we take for granted. But this video appears to place the blame for this dystopia squarely on “The East”  — aka China.

In typical ethnocentric fashion, the video focuses on a scapegoat for America’s financial woes, instead of looking inward. What about the years of criminal conduct and deregulation of Wall Street that culminated in an economic shitstorm, and the subsequent government bail-out of Big Banks? The regressive fiscal policies that fail to tax the super-wealthy (they can’t be expected to pay tax on their corporate jets! That’s infringement on their RIGHT to be filthy rich!) while slashing education and social services and suffocating the working and middle class. Or the $$$ pumped into “wars on terror” in the Middle East ($1.2 trillion and counting) that seem to have no end in sight?

But it’s so much easier to point the finger at cold, ruthless CHINA — never mind that their economic growth is largely due to supplying the demands of US consumers (and Chinese factory workers have been too often exploited by US companies, such as Apple).

And when an economic recession hits, it’s largely people of color and immigrants who are the most vulnerable and most impacted — by foreclosure, unemployment, cuts to services, and all the problems that come along with the widening wealth gap between whites and everyone else. Where are all the brown folks in this video? None to be seen. Only hipster/yuppie types. The only non-whites portrayed are the distant, icy Chinese who are somehow responsible for the deplorable conditions of White Americans.

And guess what — people of color and immigrants have disproportionately  had to do (as they have done ever since the beginning of US history) “shit jobs”…but somehow it’s a tragedy when “ghosts” have to do them?

Nice try guys, but I’m not buying this white-centric, Team USA fuckery.

Thanks Cynthia Liu!


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