Friday Fuckery: Nuptials & Zombies

I’ll admit it, I’ve thought about what my wedding photos will look like. Mostly because I’m obsessed with those soft focus, sparkly mantle-sized portraits that you see at every Chinese wedding — and I want that. I want to be wearing a Quinceañera dress and peeking from behind a tree at my betrothed and skipping along a rock trail in the middle of a stream while he holds my hand for balance — all with a Yuen Lui/Glamour Shotz treatment that makes the air look all fuzzy and magical and my teeth hella white.

So these wedding shots of Julian Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee have really busted my silly little bubble…with AWESOMENESS. Check it:

Yes yes, appropriately and routinely romantical, like in the Puerto Rico elopement story…but WAIT!



WHAS Gonna Happen?! I’m tellin you, it’s a SAGA. There’s a bunch more photos, which I’m too lazy to upload, so just go here!

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead, but I had no idea it would translate so well in a wedding context! Now that my mind has been blown, I understand that there is a bigger, brighter future out there for me in the world of wedding photos. I think RuPaul’s Drag Race might make for an enchanting theme…May the best woman wii-i-iinnnn!

via Buzzfeed

Thanks Char Char!


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