Man in Panda Suit Win

I really love me some fake animal suits. Sports mascots, Disney characters, Easter Bunnies…they’re all so adorably weird and janky-looking (but I’ll pass on the questionable furry/David Wu costumes). And as demonstrated time and time again, panda approximations are clearly the people’s choice.

Baby panda Tao Tao was born into captivity, and to prevent him from getting too used to humans before his release into the wild, his handlers only approach him (and mother Cao Cao) in full-on panda couture.

Cao Cao is unimpressed.

Tao Tao celebrated his first birthday by being transported to the Wolong Panda base for some wilderness behavior training.

Nice junk on the one on the left. Reminds me of a certain Late Night onanistic bear.

I need one of these ‘fits for sneaking up on my cat when I have to take him to the vet. Anybody have a giant Tabby costume I can borrow? I bet it would come in handy for getting in free to sports games and amusement parks too.

via Shortlist


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