Wong Family Coat of Arms

Are you a Wong? And a Canadian? Congrats! You are now the proud owner of a brand-spankin’ new family crest, which you can emblazon on your motorcycle jacket, above your booty crack, or from the rearview mirror of your 1990 Toyota Camry:

The Canadian Heraldic Authority recently granted permission for the Wong Kung Har Wun Sun Association (aka the Wong association of Ontario) to have their own family symbol, à la the MacLeods, the Campbells, and the Highlander (although there can be only one).

This is the first time a Chinese Canadian family association has been given a family crest, which took over a year to design and bears the motto “In Family We Unite”. The coat of arms is meant to acknowledge the long history and contributions of Wongs in Canada  — in fact the first Chinese Canadian baby was a Wong, born in 1861…So it’s about damn time!

The new crest will be officially unveiled at the Wongs’ National Convention in Toronto next week, which expects about 1,100 Wongs to gather in a record-breaking Wong-a-thon. Other highlights include: a special Wong cocktail (recipe contest here!), Wong brand T-shirts, and a Wong lion dance. One more reason to move to Canadia.

Now if only there were an American Cheungs’ crest…I may just take it upon myself to design one. Instead of a panda and polar bear, dragon shield, and phoenix — I think I’ll incorporate a meat cleaver, Costco coupons, and 27 Ranch 99 plastic bags. Any fellow Cheungs out there want to lend a hand?

More deets at the full article here.

Thanks AZN!

Source:  The Star


2 thoughts on “Wong Family Coat of Arms

  1. I’m a Wong, but a different Wong. There are 2 Wong characters as last name and the one on the crest is not mine. Even funnier is in the article they mention Joseph Y.K. Wong, who is also not that Wong. Don’t get it mixed up, there are 2 different Wongs, and the article leaves that out, and even mixes it up. The Wong on the crest is the 7th most popular last name, while the other Wong is the 2nd most popular last name. That means there should be more Wongs that can’t use the crest than ones that can. The whole thing stinks!


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