Robot Snog

WHY do people think it’s a good idea to keep making robots that do human things — like singing pop songs or acting as a proxy for loved ones? (I know this particular robotofuckery is almost a year old, but we have a “Robots” category here at BCB that obligates me to bitch about it anyway).

These lovebirds have been developed by the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and are “theatrical robots” named Thomas and Janet. Y’ know, just doin what regular ol’ THEATRICAL ROBOTS do — like practicing their method acting, playing Story Story Die, and rehearsing the kiss scene from Phantom of the Opera.

Hold up. Is there some sort of market out there creating demand for android thespians (and don’t we already have enough unemployed human actors)?  I mean some actors do deliver their lines like they were programmed into them, but at least they are generally pleasing to look at.  These robots aren’t even hot. Look at their slack-jawed stupid rubbery faces! Something is terribly wrong with that dude-robot’s sinewy neck and his matted, low-hanging hairline. And the girl-robot is giving us some serious Arnie Grape face .

And you call that a snog? That’s like the Kevin-Winnie pre-teen Wonder Years kiss. There’s no jawing, no tongue, no repressed gagging — and we’re supposed to be convinced?!? It’s called “sucking face” for a reason.

Thanks robots, for ruining an activity that I enjoyed partaking in on a thrice-yearly basis (I demand that people smooch on me on my birthday, Jeebus’ birthday, and Samhain. Say! Did I mention my birthday was just a couple days…where are you going?).

via Buzzfeed


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