Goodwin Liu Earns Another Judicial Nomination

photo: Laura Morton / LA Times

Some of you may remember UC Berkeley law professor and civil rights advocate Goodwin Liu’s nomination to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit back in May. Although he had the backing of many APIA community groups and individuals, those meddlin’ Repubes in the Senate blocked the nomination (with a number of racially charged comments, such as Sen. Grassley’s outlandish claim that Liu wants to turn American into “communist-run China”).

Well today, CA governor Jerry Brown nominated Liu to the California Supreme Court. Gov. Brown has already forwarded Liu’s name to the State Bar’s Commission of Judicial Nominees Evaluation, but the appointment won’t become final until the Commission on Judicial Appointments confirms the nomination. Organizations such as Chinese for Affirmative Action will be keeping a close eye on the process to make sure there won’t be a repeat of the first time around. Let’s hope Goodwin becomes “Judge Liu” before long!


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