Friday Fuckery: Did I Mention I Like To Dance?

My friend sent me these magical videos earlier this week, and I’ve been watching them approximately 17 times a day. If you are a fan of ’90s R&B, hip-hop, slow jams, or procrastination — then you’ve gotta bum a ride on the Turquoise Jeep:

Que Romántico!

Pretty Raheem here is sportin’ one of my favorite looks, what I like to call “Steve Harvey Wearhouse Couture”. The pop singer/drag queen street dance duet is also the best since MJ’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”.

Although I gotta say this anthem by dancin’ machine Flynt Flossy is my favorite:

Which reminds me of another BCB darling that LIKES TO DANCE:

NATHANIEL, bitches! Now Prance, I said!

Thanks Alex!


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