Babies ‘n’ Cats! Cats ‘n’ Babies!!

Because it’s still early in the week and we’re  just tryin to get through, I figure y’all could use a big dose of bawwww with a side of chuckle:

Hey Korean internet baby — your ludicrous cuteness is bringing out my reticent maternal instinct so strongly that I would like to borrow you for a few hours then give you back. Stop it, you!

Shifting gears to another muse of the info superhighway: Cats!!

This new video from Freddie Wong (of Wong Fu Productions) proves that even though your house cats may seem like aloof, preening bitches — they will come through for you when it really matters — like in a brutal gunfight. Medal of Honor Cat is sure to join the ranks of acclaimed war classics such as Saving Private Ryan and Platoon. Meeeyaaaaah!

via HuffPo

Thanks DJ Char Char Binks!


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