AZN Girls in Muppet Suits

True, this tumblr site “Fuck Yeah AZN Girls in Kermit Suits and Friends” is full of all sorts of WTF. But it’s also kind of brilliant, if you interpret it as an antidote to hypersexualized Asian female imagery that is ubiquitous and inescapable both in the popular American psyche and on the internets (just google “Asian girl”) blah blah blah.

Yeah sure, you could look at another pic of an Asian chick in a corny pose giving her best sessyface…PLAYED OUT. But add a Bert suit that looks like it was drawn by your 11-year-old cousin in Microsoft Paint and watch heads implode: “But is it art, Darling?”

At least that’s my take on the whole thing, if this site can be subject to interpretation at all. Outstanding questions remain: What if it was Pokémons instead of Muppets? Will there be an “AZN Guys in Kermit Suits”? What would be the the sociopolitical implications? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!? Maybe we can just go HAHAHA and leave it at that.

And if you still find this titillating, then you got some issues you need to work out with Sesame Street and your Preschool id.

Thanks Char Char!


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