Friday Fuckery: China Hair & Beauty Expo

While most think of the Bronner Bros Hair Show in ATL (happening August 20-23rd!) as the ULTIMATE in mane ferocity and lace-front realness, it looks like they might be getting a run for their money.

The 2011 China Hair and Beauty Expo — which went down this past Wednesday in Beijing — showcased mile-high tresses and wig tchotchkes for daaayyyys, honey.

Bjork, reliving her Homogenic era

Simply glorious. Bronner Bros and the China Hair Expo should combine forces for some epic Captain Planet shit, and then the world would explode in a Hair Battle Royale orgy of costume joorees, Manic Panic extensions, and Super Gro products.  Also, I think the solution to our economic recession and achieving balanced global trade is in here somewhere.  More extravagnza eleganza pics here.

via UPI


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