Friday Fuckery: Weiner, You Fool

By now you’ve likely heard about US Representative Anthony Weiner’s twitpic trysts with six different women, both before and during his marriage. And you’ve probably seen Weiner’s weiner, which just might become the biggest internet meme since Pedobear. Not smart, Weiner. Did Brett Favre teach you nothing? Never leave a public record!

But the thing that really puts the “dickhead” in Weiner, needless to say, is that he went astray on his wife of less than a year. And yes, the qualities of the cheated-upon are irrelevant at the end of the day…but DAYUM. Weiner had the AUDACITY to step out on the goddess Huma Abedin (now pregnant with his child). A longtime aide and traveling chief of staff of Hillary Clinton, Abedin is obviously gifted and accomplished. And stunningly beautiful:

As in Freida Pinto/Halle Berry/Rosario Dawson supermodel-level gorgeous. And next to her, Wiener looks like a craggly brown paper bag of salamander jerky. Consider:

Ewwww. How Abedin could want to chew on a face like that is beyond me. Why did Weiner feel the need to send pics of his pecker to other women? (can someone please me tell why straight guys do this? Are there any women out there that find this appealing?) Was he feeling insecure in comparison to his obviously hotter wife? Whatever the reason — you blew it Weiner, and count your lucky balls that this woman who is light years out of your league has decided not to dump your ass (for now).  Stupid, stupid, wanker.


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