ABDC 6 Champions: IaMmE

I’m almost a week late on catching the finale of ABDC 6 since I’ve been traveling in the South for work aka stuffing my face with biscuits n grits, but thanks to the miracle of online eps, I’m still able to indulge my ABDC obsession.

The finale was pretty spectacular, not only naming this year’s winning crew, but bringing back crews from previous seasons (and thus heavy APIA representation).

Poreotix demonstrated their trademark sense of humor with a “Friday” mashup of Rebecca Black/Jason. They seem to have gotten tighter as a group, maybe from all the practice they’ve had opening for Bieberella.

Season 4’s We Are Heroes danced to — appropriately — Beyonce’s “Run the World Girl”. Two members did back-handsprings in heels for like 27 minutes, then landed into the splits. My crotch both cringed and applauded.

Season 3 Champs and my future husbands Quest Crew performed a pillow fight in purple onesies, which was a mix of adorable and hot and made me feel weird about myself. SLUMBER PARTY!

Super Cr3w (Season 2) revived their ninja b-boy stance, and Jabbawockeez was more mind-blowing than ever, with the help of a mini-wockee:

Aiya, my ovaries explode.

While I think Phunk Phenomenon got robbed from a spot in the final two, I was glad that IaMmE was in the running against ICONic Boyz, and they ultimately took the title after performing to Far East Movement’s “Rocketeer”. Di “Moon” Zhang’s parents made good on their promise, and traveled all the way from China to see him perform for the first time (watch them cheering in the audience at the 2:31, 3:04, and 3:17 mark). And maybe I cried a little bit.

Congrats to Season 6 brainbangin’ Champs IaMmE!


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