Ken Jeong Stands Up to Cancer

This past Mother’s Day, comedian and actor Ken Jeong wrote a tear-jerking tribute to his wife Tran, who courageously battled breast cancer after the birth of their twin girls. But he didn’t stop there. Ken is also dedicating himself to an awareness and fund-raising campaign called “Stand Up To Cancer” (with a dash of wonderfully bad British accent thrown in for good measure).

So even if you take issue with some of Ken’s past roles (um, The Hangover?), at least he’s using his growing celebrity and nekkid ass nekkidness for a good cause! Learn more about the breast/lung/skin cancer, as well as mesothelioma prognosis awareness and the organization Ken is supporting here and join the movement to stand up to cancer, which unfortunately affects too many of our lives.

via Slant Eye for the Round Eye


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