BCB Profilin’: Cynthia Lin

This edition of BCB Profilin’ features singer-songwriter (and fellow member of the “All-Cindy Girl Gang”)…Cynthia Lin! A recent transplant to San Francisco via New York via Chicago, this lady’s got some silky-smoov pipes and can do a heartfelt “Time After Time” cover that will make you both sing along and cry into your whiskey. I know I did!

photo by Jason Colston

Cynthia also has a new album out called Microsope, and wasted no time assembling a band in the Bay Area. Be sure to check them out at an upcoming show. And ask Cynthia to show you pictures of her über-fluffy cat Tani afterwards, I guarantee it’ll make your week.

Greetings, I am…

Cynthia Lin

I’ve been known to bitch about…

Flight attendants who try to keep me from bringing my guitar on board.

My influences are…

Stories, moods, textures, wordplay.
Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Shakespeare, Sondheim…

…and of course, my cat.

On a Saturday night you can find me….

Performing or sharing good food with close friends.

On a Tuesday night you can find me…

Cooking dinner and watching documentaries and/or indulgent tv (faves: True Blood, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl) with my boyfriend and cat.

My usual drink/poison is….

Pre-show:  Coca-Cola
Post-show: champagne.  I like the bubbly.

If I was a superhero my name would be…

The Destroyer (no reason, just came to mind.  rawr).

The last song/album I listened to is…

“I Got My” by my friends Magnetic North & Taiyo Na.  Look for me in their awesome new video that features so many inspirational figures in the AA community.

Also crazy obsessed with “Ghost Town” by Kurt Vile.

I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with…

Drop7, an iPhone numbers game.  Total math nerd. I had one of the all-time highest scores on hardcore for a while but my rank is slipping.

Favorite thing to do in The Bay Area….

Hiking from Mount Tam down to Stinson Beach – gorgeous, one of the main reasons for moving here from NYC.

Free Association time! First word I think of after “Asian America”:


My weapon of choice is….

A knee to the groin.

Be sure to check out my…

New album Microscope and my new Bay Area band, the Blue Moon All Stars!  We have a full band CD release show at Hotel Utah in San Francisco on Saturday June 11th.  Hope to see you there.

Thanks C! I’m working on those matching CGG jackets!


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