Takei Pride!

Gays aren’t going anywhere, even if Repubes in states like Tennessee try to pass legislation that prohibits discussing homosexuality or bisexuality in the classroom (“Don’t Say Gay” Bill).

Everyone’s favorite Star Trek actor and wished-for uncle — George Muthaflippin’ Takei — is once against speaking out (with his silky smooth voice) and taking action against homophobic fuckery:

Takei Pride Forever! Visit www.itsoktobetakei.com to order your T-shirts and mugs now, you big bunch of Takeis and Takei-lovers!

For another campaign battling the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, visit FCKH8.

Thanks Nelson!


One thought on “Takei Pride!

  1. Just want to throw in my support and salute the courage of George Takei. He started out entertainng us and is now leading and teaching by his splendid example. ASK AND TELL!


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