Friday Fuckery: Totoro Nouveau

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for Art Nouveau: the fairies, the flowing fabrics, the gilded moons…all of it! It’s just so damn PRETTY. In high school, I used to hoard all the Alphonse Mucha cards from Old Seattle Paperworks and just like, STARE at them and think about how to incorporate more peacock headdresses and togas into my wardrobe. I once dated a guy solely on the basis of his Mucha tattoo. I do not make good decisions.

Uh, anyway…so how can one make a such pleasing art form even more delightful? By incorporating your favorite video game and Anime characters, you silly goose!!

Like Totoro:

By JDesigns79

Chun Li:

by Razvan Sedekiah

And don’t forget Princess Peach!:

By Megan Lara

Ahhh, pure bliss.

Check out more enchanting Art Nouveau fan art here.

via The Uniblog


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