Within Every Woman: The Forgotten History of “Comfort Women”

I recently was forwarded this film project that I found deeply moving: Within Every Woman (WEWoman). Within Every Woman is a documentary that explores the forgotten history of the “Comfort Women”, a term used to describe 200- 400,000 girls who were forced into sexual slavery and torture during World War II for the Japanese military. It is estimated that only 25%  of the comfort women survived the “comfort stations”.  Today, the survivors are referred to as “the Grandmothers” —  all above the age of 80.

WEWoman began in 2008, with director Tiffany Hsiung and others traveling through rural China, the Philippines, and South Korea to meet and document the survivors of what is known as the largest institutionalized rape system in world history. Behind the inspiring courage and strength of the Grandmothers, they are still haunted with memories of the past.

WEWoman shows the complex healing processes that the women have struggled with, focusing on the current lives of the few remaining Grandmothers who are scattered across Asia, and reminding survivors everywhere that they are not fighting alone. WEWoman is more than a film, as it seeks to build a movement to bring voices to survivors of sexual violence and connect the audience with a global community of storytellers, educators, and online resources.

Here is the trailer and some additional footage (I guarantee you won’t have a dry eye after any of these clips):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Last year, the filmmakers brought video messages to the Grandmothers from supporters in Toronto:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WEWoman needs your help to make more trips to Asia to complete the film. They also have plans to bring the Grandmothers’ stories to a mass audience through international screenings, DVD distribution, and online episodes.

Learn more details about the film, watch more clips, and make a pledge at the kickstarter page and the homepage. Donors will also receive recipes from delicious meals prepared and shared with the Grandmothers. Take action to support this project and be a part of the larger movement against sexual abuse.

Thanks Kevin!




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