Jubilee Project: A World Without Moms

Just in time for Mother’s Day, The Jubilee Project — which creates video projects to raise funds for social causes — released the video “A World Without Moms.”

Every year, 7 million women are injured and 350,000 women die due to complications related to childbirth, leaving millions of children worldwide without mothers. These deaths can be prevented by providing basic medical care.

By partnering with Every Mother Counts — an organization dedicated to improving maternal health founded by women’s health advocate, filmmaker, and model Christy Turlington Burns — The Jubilee Project aims to help save lives of mom around the globe through educating and inspiring viewers to take action.

For every view “A World Without Moms” receives in May, sponsors pledge to donate a penny to Every Mother Counts (so if the video gets 10,000 views by the end of the month, each sponsor will donate $100. Sponsors can cap their amount). Sign up to be a sponsor by emailing project.jubilee@gmail.com

“A World Without Moms” was also awarded “Best Video” for Acumen Fund’s Search for the Obvious “Moms Matter” challenge, and will be featured on YouTube’s homepage on Mother’s Day (learn more and watch other submissions here).

Happy Mother’s Day, and big ups to The Jubilee Project for yet another powerful and generous video project.


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