Friday Fuckery: 3D Sex and Zen

I’m not a big fan of PRONS (shocking!) except the ones that parody political candidates (Nailin’ Palin) or cultural icons (Keni Styles in Bruce Lee XXX). But the new Hong Kong 3-D soft porn Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy seems less skeevy and more um…”picturesque” (trailer passably SFW):

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (maybe something’s lost in translation here, or I’m just old-fashioned and don’t think the word “extreme” should be paired with nookytimes) is based on a classic novel about the sexual exploits of a Ming Dynasty scholar. Plus it’s a lush costume drama set in ancient-times, which particularly rouses my pantaloons.

From Zoe Li’s review in CNNGo: “I walked out of the first private screening never wanting to have sex again, not because the sex scenes were gross… but because its message of ‘true love doesn’t need sex’ was so convincing”.  Li describes Sex and Zen as a “campy comedic sex romp” and “naughty good fun” with some outlandish violence thrown in for good measure. She adds: “If the sex is taken out, the movie remains a carnival ride of visual stimulation”. Also, she concludes: needs more penis.

3D Sex and Zen was released this month in Hong Kong (censored in China), South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. It raked in a record $351,000 (HK $2,790,000) in Hong Kong on the first day alone, which beats Avatar‘s HK$2.5 million opening gross in 2009.

Sounds like the Hong Kong film industry has come up with a win-win formula here (besides pairing porn with 3D): erotica that entertains without making you feel too icky, by tying it all up with a wholesome, family-friendly message. And did I mention it is a PERIOD PIECE COSTUME DRAMA?

via Buzzfeed, and Wikipedia!


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