Friday Fuckery: Janties!

Janties? Junderpants? Jrawers? Who cares what they’re called, they’re underwear made to look like mutherlovin denim!

This new unisex wardrobe essential is brought to you by the Japanese brand CUW, which has named them — simply yet elegantly:”JeanPants”. These are like Jeggings times infinity plus wonderful. Honestly, from a fashion-forward aesthetic, the whole notion of pants in general is so pass√©, so hopelessly outdated.

For only $61 you can score a pair of undergarments that flings off the tyranny of trousers and yet will hug your nuts ‘n’ nethers like you’re in a Dukes of Hazzard-themed porno. As with Jeggings, I’m praying that JeanPants will be included in UniQlo’s spring collection. Cuz I’m buyin’ up the whole damn crop. I wonder if it comes as a thong?

via Buzzfeed


5 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Janties!

  1. I find these to be very tasteful, and would likely fit right in with my bedtime attire of knee-high socks and those half belly-shirt things that bodybuilders wear.


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