Friday Fuckery: Wuhan Wedding Proposal Fail

Ah, romance! Love and marriage! The crazy things people will do to enter into a binding arrangement to wake up gazing into the same eye boogers every morning for the rest of their lives.

Like this woman, a student at Wuhan University majoring in Major Romanticalness. After sending her boyfriend a message to come meet her at a cherry blossom festival, she gathered an armful of roses and clambered up to the top of her car. Behind her, a screen displayed the words: “Marry Me”. You Go Gurl!

Picture: Rex

By the time her boyfriend arrived, a big crowd (with cameras) had gathered. Aaaaand he turned her down. His reason? “It should be my job to make the proposal. However, I now have nothing and I can’t give you a good life. If you can wait for me for three years, when I should have bought my house and car, I will propose to you.”

Boyfriend consoles girlfriend for proposal fail

picture: CEN

I’m not a big  traditionalist, so I have no qualms with a woman asking a man to marry her, or making some otherwise “manly” gesture in the relationship department. So I don’t agree that it’s his “job” to propose (and “job” makes it sound SO unpleasant…but maybe something got lost in translation). Plus, it looks like homegirl can buy her own damn car, she don’t want no ride in your funky ass Kia! And are having a house and car the requisite foundation for marriage? What about luuurrrv, laughter, compatibility…What about a robust 401K plan!

Maybe dude was throwing out an excuse because he just wasn’t that into her, and in the meantime he’ll cut and bounce before his 3 years is up. Or maybe he really is being a sensible gentleman. Though not a traditionalist, I am a pragmatist at heart, in following with my Han DNA. So I can appreciate this guy’s reasoning — and even consideration for her future — in his decision to think first, jump later. Fools rush in, ya know.


via dlisted


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