Friday Fuckery: The Hangover Part II Trailer

A lot of folks have been wary of the upcoming release of The Hangover Part II, what with its epic potential for fuckery given that it’s set in Thailand, Stu Price’s (Ed Helms) girlfriend is Asian (played by Jamie Chung), and most significantly, Ken Jeong will return as Mr. Chow — who’s been criticized as playing a yelping, bare-ass nekkid, small penis-slinging buffoon in the first film.

Although BCB recently attended a panel of movie producers who felt the APIA community would support films such as The Hangover and Sucker Punch simply because they have actors of Asian descent, we know that it’s quality of characters — not mere tokenism or shuckin’ n jivin’ — that really counts.

While it’s hard to tell yet how far The Hangover Part II will venture into the easy pickins territory of Asian prostitutes, ladyboys, and other assorted stereotypes, the trailer is below. Watch and judge! Release date is May 26th – expect a full review by BCB afterwards.


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