Cynthia Lin’s Charity Single for Japan

The fierce and super sweet musician Cynthia Lin just released a new cover of “The Moon Represents My Heart”, with all proceeds going to the Japan Relief and Recovery Fund through Direct Relief International, a “100% efficient charity” org.

Cynthia’s message about the single:

dear friends and fans,

this song “the moon represents my heart” is a classic chinese tune that was made famous by the inimitable teresa teng and is recognized the world over by generations young and old.

moved by the video footage of the tsunami and its shocking destruction, i looked for a way that i could help beyond donations, as i don’t have much to give.  i hope that my simple acoustic recording of this song can bring people comfort and encourage them to help in ways that i cannot.

i’ve already been amazed by your generosity after posting the charity track on facebook.  please spread the word and help keep the momentum going!

with love and thanks,

Support Cynthia and the relief efforts by downloading the song here for $0.99.

Thanks Cynthia!


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