BCB Hoebag: Alexandra Wallace

UCLA student Alexandra Wallace, who is endowed with an inflated sense of self-importance as well as choice in bra, is the newest addition to BCB’s Top Hoebags List. Her credentials are exhibited below:

When she’s not busy rushing for Gamma Phi Beta and writing her thesis on Postmodern Feminist Behavior Amongst Hollister Employees, Alexandra likes to spend her leisure time organizing her peroxide bottles, re-applying layers of asshole-colored lip gloss, and informing the public about the most pressing issue of the day: “hordes of Asians”.

Specifically, Alexandra’s top rant is directed towards Asians on the phone in the library, going all “ching chong ling long ting tong” and checking in on their family members in the “tsunami thing” or whatnot.

As a counter-example to this atrocious Asian behavior, Alexandra describes herself as a “polite, nice American girl” whose momma obviously raised her to not only act as cultural ambassador amongst the murky, yellow-periled California college system, but to present her boobs as if they were a repository for dollar bills and apply makeup to age oneself 20 years, conveying a singular aspiration in life towards the above-referenced vocation. You’re right Alexandra, what you said does sound horrible, and so are you.

Thanks Char Char!

Update: THIS — White Girls in the Library.

Thx again DJ Char Char Binks!


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