Friday Fuckery: Yellow Peril L.A. Release Par-tay!

For those of you in the Los Angeles area: be sure to drop by the Banana 2 After-after-party and launch of the Yellow Peril by ChimCo.  What is the Yellow Peril you say? Well, you’ll have to come through to find out. Don’t yell at me! Sweet Jeebus, my nerves. Did I mention you can also partake in sake, shochu, & food specials starting at $5? There, better?

Plus it’s AzN’s 16th Bday (plus a million years)! Don’t tell the barkeep he ain’t sippin’ on no Shirley Temple.

See you there!

Saturday February 26th

9 pm to 2 am

The Far Bar (J-Town)

347 East 1st St, Los Angeles

FRIZEE (with giveaways & drink specials, fool!)


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