Kati Kim on ABC’s 20/20

Years ago you heard the tale of James and Kati Kim, the young SF family that was trapped in their car in the Oregon woods for days. James left the car to find help and missed the rescue party that saved his wife and child. He did not survive. If you’d like to hear from Kati Kim herself, she was recently on 20/20, the video is here and the transcript is here.

I’m a chickenshit and don’t have the guts to follow through with this story at all. This hits a little too close to home as a true Californian, completely unaware of how weather can actually affect our lives. We think of weather as a minor annoyance, picking up an umbrella by the door on the way to work, rather than something that can kill us. And to this day, I still have conversations with friends who think we can drive a rented Chevy Cobalt through Oregon in the dead of winter. Take heed all: get a four wheeler and a GPS navigator and stay on I-5.


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