Queens to Watch: Manila Luzon & Raja

Drag queens make my world go round. Meaning Rupaul’s Drag Race is the highlight of my week — nay, year — and this dark winter was made much brighter by the premiere of Season 3 last Monday. Which doesn’t reflect the dullness of my life per se, but rather speaks to the phenomenalaganza of the show (so much that it requires a made-up word).

A couple of my favorite girls so far include Filipina Manila Luzon, who does a mean Imelda impression and is outspoken about repping her Asian/PI heritage.

Out of drag, Manila rocks new wave Pepe le Pew hair, and kinda looks like a Pinoy David Byrne circa 1978, so that’s instant win right there.

The other major contender is Raja, an avant-garde, edgy queen who is also a makeup artist to the likes of dark ‘n’ sparkly Adam Lambert.

Raja cleaned up last week’s Xmas competition with a fashion mag-worthy photo shoot and beautifully detailed, Vivienne Westwood-esque runway ensemble. Even more amazing is that his purty, pristine face is 36. 36!! Asian Don’t Crack, honey.

Hard to decide which queen my money’s on at this point, but both of these ladies and their formidable tuck game has a strong shot at the drag crown, and my heart.

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