Friday Fuckery: Yellow Peril L.A. Release Par-tay!

For those of you in the Los Angeles area: be sure to drop by the Banana 2 After-after-party and launch of the Yellow Peril by ChimCo.  What is the Yellow Peril you say? Well, you’ll have to come through to find out. Don’t yell at me! Sweet Jeebus, my nerves. Did I mention you can also partake in sake, shochu, & food specials starting at $5? There, better?

Plus it’s AzN’s 16th Bday (plus a million years)! Don’t tell the barkeep he ain’t sippin’ on no Shirley Temple.

See you there!

Saturday February 26th

9 pm to 2 am

The Far Bar (J-Town)

347 East 1st St, Los Angeles

FRIZEE (with giveaways & drink specials, fool!)


This Saturday! BCB at BANANA 2

Hey BCBers! We wanted to remind you that Sherdizz, AzNHeartthrob & CBruhs will be at the Banana 2 APIA Bloggers Conference this Saturday February 26th in Studio City, Los Angeles! Let’s all meet up and talk about blogging, blog about talking, talkybloggydrinkybloggyfunfunyeeahhboyyeee.

More info and full agenda here and here.

CBruhs will be moderating the panel called “Fixated: Topic-Specific Blogging” at 3 pm — so feel free to come through and heckle her. But be nice to the kick-butt panelists (N’jaila Rhee from Blasian Bytch, Cubicle Jot of Live Lao’d, Jason Sperber from Rice Daddies, and Marvin Gapultos of Burnt Lumpia) — or CBruhs will go all wild style on your azz (I don’t know what that means either).

See you there!

The BcB Design Team Honors the Greatest Logo of All-Time

Non-profits usually don’t have the capacity to even do what their workplan says, so you can usually throw out communications and design aesthetics when it comes down to it. But hot damn if I didn’t see the greatest logo of all time come out of the Lao Center of Minnesota.

This isn’t a hometown biases (well, I guess it doesn’t count if I only spent a handful of years in Bloomington, MN) but how can you have a logo of a Lao dude on an elephant inside an outline of Minnesota inside a globe surrounded by laurels and not be the most badass logo of all-time? LAURELS? Come on! This isn’t just a logo. Its the start of a movement. WINNER.

Friday Fuckery: Sumo Sexay

Although the Japanese car–sumo wrestler connection is kinda random, this still wins Best Commercial Ever award in my book for the Peaches song alone.

Now that right tharr is some raw, unfiltered sex appeal phở reals. I want to live in that world someday.

“Beautiful”: For the Prevention of Domestic Violence

The Jubilee Project, which makes films to fundraise for various causes, recently released its February video, “Beautiful.” “Beautiful” is a Valentine’s Day message dedicated to women, and will support Becky’s Fund, a non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness and prevent dating and domestic violence, which affects 1 in 3 women.

The organization was founded by Becky Lee, a second runner-up on Survivor: Cook Islands who used her winnings to start Becky’s Fund.

If you would like to support this project financially, you can sign up to become a sponsor of the video. Each sponsor will pledge to donate 1 penny (or more) for each view the video receives in the month of February (for example, if the video receives 1500 views by the end of the month, the donor will donate $15). You can sign up to sponsor the video by emailing project(dot)jubilee(at)gmail(dot)com and including “Beautiful Video Sponsor” in the subject line.

You can also help raise money simply by watching the video and sending it to your friends and contacts, to increase viewership and thus the amount of $$ raised. More info about The Jubilee Project and their donation model here.

Thanks Eric!

Happy V-Day!

Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like a little Schadenfreude: Toddler Edition! Hey kid, welcome to the first heartbreak of the rest of your life. Get used to it, and get used to other people laughing at your pain. O the pain! Best to learn these lessons early.

Wow, we all know how that feels (although that’s usually my reaction when I find out I just missed happy hour). Hope your Valentine’s Day is better than this kid’s, or that at least by now, you’ve learned to appropriately internalize your anguish.

Thanks Matt!

Kati Kim on ABC’s 20/20

Years ago you heard the tale of James and Kati Kim, the young SF family that was trapped in their car in the Oregon woods for days. James left the car to find help and missed the rescue party that saved his wife and child. He did not survive. If you’d like to hear from Kati Kim herself, she was recently on 20/20, the video is here and the transcript is here.

I’m a chickenshit and don’t have the guts to follow through with this story at all. This hits a little too close to home as a true Californian, completely unaware of how weather can actually affect our lives. We think of weather as a minor annoyance, picking up an umbrella by the door on the way to work, rather than something that can kill us. And to this day, I still have conversations with friends who think we can drive a rented Chevy Cobalt through Oregon in the dead of winter. Take heed all: get a four wheeler and a GPS navigator and stay on I-5.